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Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Garden Talk

All conversations, blogs, posting related to garden design terrac gardening, kitchen gardening, decorating home with ornamental plants, invasive plants, irrigation systems, beginner gardening etc

Regional Gardening

Lets discuss and share experiences and suggestion for gardening in various indian cities including pune, mumbai, delhi, bangalore, hyderabad, chennai, kolkatta and more

Plant Talk

All topics related to plants fact, plant family, experiences with different plants, recommended and not recommended plants etc.

Top 10 Plants

This section contains suggestions / recommendations of best plant (top plants) in various categories.

Plant & Our Culture

Plants & trees have a very special place across all cultures of mankind.

Save Mother Earth

This section is dedicate to innovative and young minds to find out ways to efficiently suggest on

Natural Living

There are numerous simple tricks to make life easy, however we often overlook them. This section is dedicated to all these innovative and easy to use tips n tricks.