Are ' we ' behind natural disasters on earth?

The world has witnessed a series of major natural disasters in last few years. Last year, the intensity was severe. Here are top 10 pictures those express how ‘we’ ourselves have created this situation (?)

1. Coal power plant, United Kingdom.
The tall center structure is a stack from the plant, while the surrounding structures are its cooling towers.

2. Tar sands and open pit mining in an area so vast, it can be seen from space. Alberta, Canada.

3. A man turns away from the smell of the Yellow River in China.

4. Former old-growth forest leveled for reservoir development, Willamette National Forest, Oregon, per the Population Media Center.

5. Bangladesh, where much of the world’s clothing and goods are manufactured.

6. Amazon jungle burns to make room for grazing cattle, Brazil.

**7. New Delhi, India, where many landfills are reaching a breaking point. The surrounding population of Delhi totals some 25 million people.**

**8. Tar sands, Alberta, Canada.**

**9. Mexico City, Mexico, one of the most populous cities in the Western Hemisphere.**

**10. Kern River oil field, California, USA.**

Source : News Mic