Astronauts grow their first flower in space

Astronauts grow their first flower in space

First ever flower grown in space makes its debut

NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly has shared images of the first flower grown in space: a zinnia that recently came to bloom.

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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly can brag about having a green thumb all day long, and we wouldn’t mind at all. He’s earned that right by successfully growing the first flower in space after the zinnia plants the ISS crew planted almost died.

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The astronauts started growing zinnias late last year, but a mere two weeks later, the team noticed symptoms of excessively high humidity and limited air flow. The plants’ wicks (seed containers), for instance, leaked water, and the leaves became unnaturally bent and curled.

Around Christmastime, things came to a head when some of the plants grew mold.

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I like this flowering plant

This flower should be preserved forever…

Space Gardening Can Help Astronauts Reduce Stress

Growing plants in space can help astronauts reduce stress, suggests NASA’s Behavioural Health and Performance team.

I am sure it should have a positive impact on earth as well.

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soon we would be starting gardens on moon and mars :evergreen_tree: