Best Gift Plants For Doctors Day

Plants are very important for our health like doctors. Both keep us safe and healthy. On this Doctors’ Day pay your gratitude towards the doctor and make them happy by gifting live plant.


The first day of the month of July is observed as the Doctor’s Day in India. It is time to pay a fitting tribute to the physicians who have rendered their services to humanity. With the onset of June let’s celebrate Doctor’s day and honour them for the remarkable work they have done all this while.

On this Doctors’ Day make them happy by gifting live plant. So when you give someone a plant, you are giving them the gift of good health because they will breathe fresher air. Pick one of the gift that you feel can best express your gratitude towards your Doctor and send it to him this Doctor’s Day.


Aglaonema is also quite an undemanding plant considered to be a shade tolerant plant with glossy dark green leaves with silver edges. The leaves of the species are oval and the trunk is erect. The plant is often grown in offices due to its unpretentiousness (this cultivar requires minimal care) and beautiful ornamental leaves.


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Aloe Vera - improves overall air quality

Asides from lowering carbon dioxide levels at night, this plant species also helps to remove harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. It’s also said to have effectively treated symptoms of anxiety.If you wish to improve the overall quality of the air in your home or office, these plants are a great investment – especially to those wishing for a restful night’s sleep – a must if you wish to rid your body and mind of worry and stress.


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Money plant (Golden Pothos) is a great air purifier and good luck plant

This plant species is another powerful tool to invest in when it comes to tackling poor air quality and stress affecting factors. One of the unique features of this plant is its ability to stay green, even when kept in a dark room.


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This beautiful Anthurium flower will add the charm of your place and, These plants are easy to care and require less maintenance and will increase the ornamental look of your house. It is a perfect indoor flowering plant as it requires indirect sunlight.

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is an auspicious plant that will bring positive energy into the home, office or whatever environment in which it is placed. You can gift this lucky bamboo plant to your family and friends to wish all luck and prosperity in their life. The lucky bamboo plant is easy to grow and does not require much maintenance.


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Snake Plant prevents headaches

If you suffer from eye irritation, headaches or breathing problems, this is a great plant to install in your home. It also improves energy levels. NASA was amongst the first to discover the benefits offered by the snake plant. Having plants in the home and office environment is a must if you wish to lower blood pressure, improve well-being, increase productivity and raise job satisfaction.


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