Best Living Plant Gifts for your Loved Ones

Plant & Flower Gifts that Just Grow in Beauty

Give a living gift that grows more beautiful every day! Our gorgeous selection of blooming gifts offers something unique and perfect for every occasion and every person on your holiday list. From our list, you’ll find gifts that will bring years of dazzling blooms and delighted smiles!


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It’s one of the most popular & preferred names for lucky plants that is known for bringing good fortune, wealth, health and prosperity at home. Other than this the ornamental value of bamboo plants is so high that it is available in different number of stalks that comes with car luck benefits.

2.Money Plant

Gift Plants | Lucky Plants | Offers

This exclusive Money Plant is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys growing amazing and beautiful houseplants. Breathe fresh air even without going out by keeping this lush green plant in home. This plant is believed to attract wealth and prosperity and is ideal for the home.

3.Amaryllis Lily

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Bulbs are by far the easiest flowers to grow, only requiring a little water and sunlight to thrive in your home.It is one unique gift and that is so refreshing!


Gift Plants | Lucky Plants | Offers

Flowering plants are a lovely gift for almost any occasion. This easy to care plant is an exotic gift of lush beauty and color. This vibrant Anthurium plant displays its lovely green foliage culminating in leaves with red blooms. This plant is a unique gift that your special recipient will treasure forever.

5.Jade Plant

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Jade Plant is succulent, medium-sized plant believed to attract money and prosperity. The easy-to-grow two-toned leaves make this plant a perfect housewarming gift.


Gift Plants | Lucky Plants | Offers

This brightly colored and stately poinsettia plant captures the joyous and jolly sentiments of the holidays in a most wonderful way. It is the most beautiful gift to gift someone.

7.Snake Plant

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If a prize was available for the most tolerant plant, the Snake Plant would most definitely win. Caring for the Snake Plant is extremely easy.In fact, they can be neglected for weeks on end yet still look fresh and beautiful.


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A bunch of roses may be a traditional floral gift but what about an actual rose plant? For those that think the traditional 12 stem bouquet of England’s flower is a little clichéd, this is the perfect antidote.
Whether you choose yellow, pink, red or white, your friend is guaranteed to absolutely love the thought you’ve put into this present.

9.Yucca Plant

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For men who just love a bit of interior design, the Yucca Plant is just for them.Fantastic for creating the ultimate focal point and adding to an internal display, this plant is just what any bachelor needs.However, no matter their colour, once they are placed in a sunny to partly shaded location indoors, they are pretty easy to care for.

10.Syngonium Plant

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The exotic green colour of the leaves of this Syngonium golden plant look gorgeous. Put it on a table beside the window of your living room, it is sure to grab the attention of every guest!

It makes for a perfect gift item too!