Brahma Kamal - rare, legendary & mythological plant of India

Brahma Kamal - a rare, legendary & mythological plant of India

They have large pure white star-like flowers with lovely fragrance to help their pollinators locate the blossoms by moon or star light.

The flower starts blooming after sunset from 7 p m onwards and takes about two hours to full bloom,about 8 inches in diameter and remain open through out night.

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Brahma Kamal, named after Brahma, the God of Creation, probably blooms only for one night in the entire year, somewhere between July and September.

It is commonly known as Night blooming Cereus, Queen of the night, Lady of the night as its beautiful Lotus like flower blooms late night. In India it is called as Brahma Kamal ( ब्रह्मकमल ) and is treated as a sacred plant.

It is also popularly known as Orchid Cactus as the flower has orchid like beauty and plant resembles cactus in habit.


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The Brahma Kamal plant found in Himalayas is often mixed with the plant seen growing on window sill in homes. It is the state flower of Uttarakhand.

Also recognized as the flower of Lord Brahma, it is considered very lucky if u see it bloom…

In Hindu drawings Brahma is seen sitting on a pink flower that is resembling lotus (Sanskrit:Kamal), which is Indian National flower. Hence people claim that the pink flower of Nelumbo nucifera to be Brahma Kamal

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It is believed to bring in loads of good luck and prosperity and a home where the flowers bloom is very auspicious and lucky

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Brahma kamal is a medicinal herb. The plant is considered an herb in Tibetan medicine. It has a bitter taste. The entire plant is used. It is also used to cure urogenital disorders.

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Brahma Kamal is a type of cactus, it does not need too much water. You must water it once in two to three days unless you are in a really dry place. Never over water this plant as it will get water logged and die

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These flowers looks gorgeous, but they smell awful, perhaps that explains why we do not bring them home, but have been offering them with devotion in the hill temples at Kedarnath and Badrinath.

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Interesting Information…

We have two brahma kamal plants at home. When the flower blooms, we used to get auto intimation because of its nice pleasant fragrance.

I just remembered that when just saw this post.

Thank you.

IS it a bush ? creeper?

this plant can survive in delhi’s conditions ??

Its climber and moderate bushy

yes, we have many customers in delhi who have this plant…

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Does this plant bloom only once a year???

Yes its mostly bloom once in a year but some time more than 1 flower in the same season or same time.

Please watch my home video here in this link

The brahmakamal you show and the medicinal one in Tibet are two different varieties. Please correct the information so that people are not confused.
The medicinal one is Saussurea obvallata
The one you show is Epiphyllum Oxypetalum

I need 1 plant in Banglore, will you deliver ??

I need the plant how to grow it, do you have seeds to grow, plz message me @ 9880137365

Please connect with me at 9899910841 …want to grow this in our home in Delhi

The flowers/plant you are showing is not Bhrama Kamal … this is known as Epiphyllum oxipetallum which is a native of South America. Can you please verify your information. Also this plant that you posted cannot survive cooler temperate and cannot be a native of Himalayas.
Can you verify your sources and confirm

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