Colourful shades Of 'The Most Beautiful' avenue tree

Beautiful Shades of Avenue tree Mohar

Mohar tree is regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical trees in the world.

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Many mohar trees can be seen in many gardens, housing societies, on roads and come summer the trees are laden with red, blue or yellow flowers.

The flowers are the most striking part of this tree and it is flamboyant in the display of its flowers.

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The view is very beautiful especially if you can see it from above or far off. The flowers look like a sheet of these colours covered over the green leaves of the tree.

Gul mohar (Red) Tree is better known as the flame of the forest. Although mahars are of foreign origin, they have adapted well to the Indian climatic conditions.

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Medicinal Value of Gul mohar

The plant has several medicinal uses like it is used to treat constipation, inflammations, arthritis and hemiphlagia.

Thus it can be said that apart from being a treat to the eyes of an onlooker, the plant also has many medicinal uses which makes Gul mohar to stand out in the crowd.

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Different Names of Gulmohar

  • Bengali : Radhachura
  • Kannad : Doddartna-Grandhi
  • Malayalam : Alasippu
  • Marathi : Gulmohar
  • Tamil : Mayarum
  • Telugu : Erraturayl
  • English : Royal Poinciana

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