Create an inspiring work-space office for yourself

Create an inspiring work-space office for yourself!


The daily hustle surrounding our work lifestyle has immensely changed to a minimalistic proportion. Where people were once fond of greenery in their back yards, now they find themselves surrounded by four walls. Coming back tired from work, stressed and anxious has become a common thing, our heads filled with daily targets, happenings of work that day and what we would be doing the next.

We don’t get time to de-stress ourselves as our home has become an office. We have become disillusioned workaholics moving from point to point and then back and forth. We all dream of moving away from this kind of a lifestyle but the realities of life pull us back into the whirlpool that is our mundane work lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be so.

We can bring changes in our surroundings, to make work more interesting and inspiring. There are various ways to do so

Start with something small - how about adding color to your personal work space. By adding a few plants on our walls and work desks, we can brighten up our workspaces where we end up spending hours. It can liven up your daily life, as well as the added benefits to your mental and physical health.

Air Plants : Air Plants, scientifically known as Tillandsia, are a genus of around 650 species that get most of their nutrients from the air surrounding them and require minimum care to live a long life. They are easy to sustain and can live for a long time. Just by adding a few of them onto your wall in the form of boxes, baskets or wreaths, etc., can bring a change in the view of your wall.

Succulents: Succulent plants, are ornamental plants known for their striking and unusual appearance as well as being able to thrive with relatively minimalist care. With a few hours of sunshine every week, you would be all set to grow your own green place to liven up your day. You can also make a mini garden to keep at your desk to add a little bit of you to your workplace.

Foliage: Foliage are mostly green leafy plants that can not only purify the air around your workspace but also promote a sense of calm and peace.