Decorate your hair with these beautiful flowering plants

You can create awesome styles and add something different and unique to your bridal hairstyle with the wearable blossoms which look so pretty and fresh.

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you can use flower decoration for hair, as an awesome accessory option for your bridal hair. Think of South Indian weddings and you’ll know.

If chosen wisely, these flower decoration for hair designs have the potential to add an oomph factor to your hair with ease.


The rose is perennial flowering plant.The flowers of the rose grow in many different colors, from the well-known red rose to yellow roses and sometimes white or purple roses, peach,orange.

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The flowers are densely filled with petals, much like antique roses, and most possess a strong fragrance. English roses are a good choice for cutting gardens.


Do you like flowers? Have you ever taken a stroll at night, and wondered about the sweet smell of a tree with white flowers? If you have, then I am sure your parents have called it the Parijata or Raat Ki Rani locally.

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It is an excellent idea to have a plant that produces beautiful flowers and is called the Kalp Vriksh or the bestower of happiness and fulfils wishes. The plant I am referring to is Parijat or Harsingar. It is also known as Coral Jasmine, Night-flowering Jasmine.

Shevanti (Yellow)

Each Chrysanthemum flower head is actually a cluster of many flowers, composed of a central group of short disk flowers surrounded by rings of longer ray flowers.

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Chrysanthemums are not specific to any season and can be grown in any kind of soil

Kunda - Downy Jasmine

In Indian mythology, Kunda is known for its whiteness. So, instead of the conventional western phrase ‘white as snow’, what often appears in Hindu mythological stories is ‘white as Kunda’. Also, beautiful white teeth are often compared to Kunda buds. It is held to be especially sacred to Vishnu.

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In Manipur, Kundo flowers are used in worship and are an essential part of a marriage ceremony. The bride garlands the groom with two Kunda flower garlands. The groom then takes one of the two and garlands the bride.


It has a Ornamental use.
It has a medicinal use.
Its a god gift for decoration.
Culinary purpose.

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It expresses feelings.
It is used in cosmetics.
It is used in preparation of perfumes and scented products.

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