Dianthus (white) : This vanilla scented flowering plant is best for balcony or terrace garden

Dianthus Itsaul White

Dianthus flowers are perfect for plant containers and will bring a splash of color to any urban balcony or terrace garden.

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Dianthus flowers come in many colors, either it be a solid white, red, purple, pink and sometimes yellow, or with two colors or marks in the petals.

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There are so many Dianthus varieties that any gardener can find to fit for a balcony garden also.

But when it comes to Dianthus ‘white’, glistening vanilla scented, pure white semi-double blooms blanket are the Dianthus Itsaul White. Charming fringed petals highlight the silvery-blue evergreen foliage.

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Dianthus white are mat-forming, dense, gray-green linear, grass-like foliage spreading 12-18" covered with entirely white flowers 1.5" across on stems up to 8" from late spring into summer.

Excellent plant for the balcony, rock garden, border front or as an edger. Long blooming; perfect for small bouquets.

Dianthus white characteristics :

  • Evergreen
  • Fragrant
  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Good For Cut Flowers
  • Blooms For 4 Weeks Or More

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A few Gardening Tips with Dianthus

  • The mounding shape of dianthus and long blooming time makes them welcome additions to the container garden.
  • Place dianthus at the front of your garden beds and borders where you can appreciate the pleasant clove fragrance.
  • Add some dianthus to your butterfly and hummingbird gardens, as the flowers attract both with their nectar.
  • Include dianthus plants in your alpine or rock garden. The plants thrive in the quickly draining soil of these landscapes.

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In general use a soil-based compost placed over a generous layer of drainage material such as earthenware crocks, pebbles or gravel. Water and feed regularly, especially while plants are bearing flowers and fruit, when a high-potash fertilizer is recommended.

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Using pebbles in a garden brings different colours and textures to the garden. Pebbles can also fill up otherwise empty space in the garden, leaving a visual that might be considered more interesting and aesthetic than simple dirt, soil or mulch.