Did you know, how much oxygen you consume in 1 day?

Did you know, how much oxygen you need in Lifetime ?

Have you ever wondered if there is enough Oxygen in our relatively tiny atmosphere to run all our cars, planes, and so on? How much oxygen a person needs everyday.

A person inhales oxygen equivalent to approx 3 cylinders per day.

1 oxygen cylinder is Rs 700
for three cylinders it is Rs 2100
it means 7,66,000 Rs per annum.

for average life of a person of 65 yrs approx Rs 5 crore. That is the value of air which we get FREE from plants.

So now You know why you need to plant more trees


Plant more trees save life.

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It’s really satisfies me that awareness towards such things is growing in new generation. They also want to go for Green World.

I will plant tree and suggest to other for the same as well