Did you know Insulin plant ? Magic cure for Diabetes

Costus Igneus, Insulin plant is a medicinal plant and capable of having Magic Cure for Diabetes. Leaf of this herbal plant helps to build up insulin by strengthening beta cells of Pancreas in the Human body thus popularly known as “Insulin plant” in India

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Plant name: Insulin Plant
Botanical Name: Costus Igneus

An insulin plant is a nature’s gift for the people who are suffering from Diabetes. A leaf–a-day, keeps diabetes away is the famous saying about this plant. The leaves of this plant are used in treating diabetes as it helps to reduce your blood sugar level effectively in short period.

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Though the insulin plant was first grown in America, now the insulin leaves treatment on diabetes is highly effective in Indian medicinal therapies.

This plant can be easily grown in the home nursery also.

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Diabetes is a disease of metabolism, where body is not able to synthesis sufficient insulin or the blood cells stop responding to the insulin produced in the body. The leaves of insulin plant contain mostly of Corosolic Acid which is beneficial in controlling diabetic.

The corosolic acid present in the green leaves induces the insulin production and thus controls hyperglycemia in the blood.

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The leaves of insulin plant (Costus igeus) reduced the fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels, bringing them down towards normal.


  • This leaf is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women
  • Please consult your doctor before use.

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how to use these leaves?

you can directly eat 2 leaves daily, but still consult your doctor once before consuming.

Whats the hinid name of it?

Its hindi name is keukand

Hi , I am type-II, As per latest report my fasting Sugar count is 330, and fasting insulin is 220, and PP sugar is 440 and PP insulin is 240, how this plant may benefit me…

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