Did you know, which state in India become 100% organic state?

As a proud moment to nation, Sikkim has become the first fully organic Indian state after conversion of entire 75000 hectares of agricultural land to certified organic land.

This 12 years long process was initiated by then Pawan Chamling-led government by a resolution in state assembly. Farmers were motivated give chemical pesticides and fertilisers away and to go for organic farming after implementation of various measures

Organic produce command a premium price in the market both inside the country and outside as it is becoming a craze among health and environment conscious people.

According to estimates, Sikkim produces around 80,000 million tonnes of farm products.
The total organic production in the country is estimated to be around 1.24 million tonnes while the total area under organic farming is 0.723 million hectares.

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This small state of our country is a big inspiration for rest of India to emulate.

That’s very true Satenderji. We all must appreciate these efforts and try to apply ourselves to organic India.

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Yeah! Very nice info Satenderji… I read it.