Did you know, why Custard Apple is a super fruit ? Can be grown in Pot too!

Did you know, Custard Apple is good for heart, skin, bone & blood pressure ? Can be grown in Pot.

Eating custard apple will help you to save from many diseases and disorders. The fruit is good for heart, skin, and bone, and maintains blood pressure. Custard apple is also helpful in curing of boils, ulcers and gum related problems.

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The leaves of this fruits work against cancer and bark can be used in case of toothache and gum pain.

Custard Apple is full of vitamin C anti-oxidants, which helps to combat many diseases and also enhances the immune system. Custard apple is abundant with potassium, magnesium and contains vitamin A, calcium, copper, fiber and phosphorous.

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It has high calorific value, able to provide sustained energy and delicious in nature. The luscious fruit is eaten throughout the world.

Common name: Custard Apple, sitafal, Sharifa

Top 10 Benefits of Custard Apple

  • The plenty of nutrients, especially magnesium in custard apple is good in prevention of strokes and heart attacks.
  • For healthy hair growth, the custard fruit is highly recommended.
  • The fruit is good for eyes due to adequate presence of vitamin A.
  • Regular intake of custard apple reduces the chances of rheumatism and other forms of arthritis as it helpful in flux out of excessive acids.

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  • The anaemic patient should eat custard apple regularly as the fruit has good percentage of iron.
  • The obese person should avoid it but the fruit is good for underweight people to increase weight.
  • As per study, it has been found that custard apple is the excellent source of copper. Copper being a part of haemoglobin, the fruit is extremely suggested for pregnant women. Women who doesn’t have necessary copper, there is chances of early baby born.
  • Brittleness of bone is also caused due to lack of copper.
  • Custard apple may be used as substitute of milk by making the fruit into beverages.
  • It contains vitamin B6, thus helpful in resolving the problem of sore tongue, convulsion and depression.

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Precautions: Obese people should avoid eating custard apple as it is a healthy food to gain weight. The kernel of the fruit is toxic.

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