Do u like aquatic plants ? Make our own little Pond

Aquatic plants offer an attractive, dynamic element that changes with their growth and reproduction, giving your house a natural look.

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More than just ornamental, aquatic plants filter the pond water by absorbing metals, ammonium, nitrate, and phosphate.

They also provide oxygen. During daylight hours, plants photosynthesize, taking in carbon dioxide (CO2) and giving off oxygen.

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Plants improve water quality and provide a more natural stress-free environment. Given below is the list of some easy to grow aquatic plants.

1.Pink Lily, Hybrid Lotus (Pink, light Lavender)

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These plants are highly ornamental and can be easily grown in house gardens in pots or containers. At home in both formal and naturalistic settings, lilies also most take readily to containers. They all make wonderful cut flowers.

2.Thalia Dealbata

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Grow in wet soils or in shallow water in full sun. Best in organically rich loans. These, plants are best grown in containers either sunk in wet mud near the water line or submerged in up to 2" of water. Plants may also be grown in wet boggy areas.

Containers covered by 18-24” of water will generally overwinter in place. Consider bringing other containers indoors to a greenhouse or other frost-free area with bright light. For plants grown in wet boggy soils, cut back tops and mulch heavily in winter.

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3.Cyperus Papyrus

This fast growing plant would be an excellent addition to a water garden. Papyrus grass is easy to grow. It prefers full sun but can also be raised in partial shade. Papyrus is usually planted by rhizomes in moist, fertile soil in pots and then submerged in an aquatic environment.

It can also be planted directly into 3 feet of muddy substrate to hold the heavy stems upright. You can grow and share your papyrus plant through division in spring. Wait until the danger of frost has passed and un-pot or dig up the plant.

Cut apart the papyrus rhizomes into groups of two or three. Re-pot the new plants and grow them as usual.

4.Water Cabbage, Water Lettuce

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Water lettuce is a free-floating plant with many spongy, dusty green simple leaves. The leaves are covered in very fine hairs and arranged in a spiral pattern from the center of the plant. The leaves are 1 to 6 inches wide and have large veins running their length. The flowers are seldom seen.

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If you have space, you can bring your plants inside. Put them in boxes(or plastic tubs) lined with trash bags and place them in your basement. You need to provide them with a lot of light and keep them damp. Check on your plants at least once a week.

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Pink Lily, Hybrid Lotus (Pink, light Lavender) is lovely