Do You Know! 3 Plants That Should Never Be Kept in the Home (घर की तरक्की रोक देते है ये पौधे, कभी न लगायें)

कईं बार हम जाने अनजाने या फिर शौक में घर में कुछ ऐसे पौधे लगा लेते है जो घर के के लिए,घर की तरक्की के लिए, घर की खुशहाली के लिए बिलकुल भी अच्छे नहीं होते । इन पौधों के बारे में न ही सिर्फ वास्तु शास्त्र में बल्कि फेंगशुई में भी घर में लगाने की मनाही की गयी है.आइये आज जानते है इन्ही पौधों के बारे में…

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What do you consider when choosing plants for your house or garden? Do you choose them for their appearance or their function? Color or size? Do you do your homework on the plants you wish to have at home, or do you choose them according to your mood?

No matter how you choose to select your plants, you need to be cautious of dangerous plants because some shouldn’t be kept indoors. The following plants are not suitable for homes, in case you’re wondering:

Which Plants Are Not Beneficial for Homes, Per Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra provides detailed instructions on how to construct the ideal home. Let’s look at some plants that, according to Vastu, are not suitable for homes:

Dead Plants:
Dead plants shouldn’t be maintained inside the house or in the yard. Fresh, green plants draw good chi, whereas dead leaves or branches bring negative omen into houses.

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According to Vastu principles, it is bad luck and attracts negative energy to maintain dried, dehydrated, or dead flowers and plants in your home.

Since it is believed that evil spirits lurk in myrtle and mehendi plants, none of these plants should be maintained indoors.

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Cotton Plant:
It’s not a good idea to have cotton plants or silky cotton plants in your house. Although these dazzling white plants make a lovely visual addition, they are not the best option according to Vastu. When kept indoors, these plants are unlucky and bring poor fortune.

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According to Vastu, these are the plants that should not be grown inside.

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