Do you know this cute plant that reacts on your touch and shows life?

Mimosa pudica is a type of herbaceous plant that belongs to the legume family.This sensitive plant is popular in cultivation around the world, and is enjoyed by many as a curiosity due to its highly touch-sensitive leaves

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This plant can move its leaves fold up at night and also when touched.

It has a primitive nervous system of electrical impulses that trigger changes in cell water pressure at the base of the leaflets.

Mimosa has erect stem that becomes trailing with age. It can reach 15 feet in length.

Mimosa has reddish-brown or purple stem covered with multiple prickles.

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Mimosa develops green, bipinnate leaves composed of small oblong-shaped leaflets. Both surfaces of leaves and their margins are covered with miniature hairs.

Mimosa blooms during the summer. Wind and insects are responsible for the pollination of flowers.

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Mimosa can be cultivated as annual plant (life span: one year) or perennial plant (life span: over two years).