Do you knowd delicious Chikoo helps to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer

Like exotic fruits? Then why not consider growing a sapodilla tree (Chikku). As long as you care for sapodilla trees as suggested, you’ll find yourself benefiting from its healthy, tasty fruits in no time. Let’s learn more about this fruit.

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The sapodilla fruit is brown in color. It has a kiwi fruit-like texture but the outer surface is without any fuzziness. The pulp of the fruit is unripe with sticky latex called saponin.

As Sapodilla ripens later on, the white latex gradually disappears. Sapodilla contains three to five black, smooth, shiny, bean-shaped inedible seeds located at the center of the fruit.

Sapodilla or Chiku Health Benefits:

Chiku offers numerous benefits for skin, hair, and health – something we have covered extensively in this post. Keep reading to know more…

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  • Chiku is a very good fruit for a growing baby’s health.

  • The Sapodilla fruit is high in fiber content. This makes the sapodilla fruit very good for digestion. It is also used in the treatment of constipation.

  • Sapodilla is able to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer.

  • Sapodilla contains important vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

  • Consumption of sapodilla mixture with a pinch of salt is a recommended home therapy for the cure of constipation.

  • The leaves of the sapodilla fruit can also be used as a medicine for inflammatory diseases. The leaves work as an oral anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Take clean sapodilla fruit leaves and then boil them for about ten minutes. This boiled water which contains the extracts of Sapodilla can be used as medicine. It can be used for gargling as well.

  • Fiber is a key part of good nutrition as it benefits the body in several ways. Sapodilla gives 5.6 grams per 100 grams of dietary fiber, thus making it an excellent laxative.

  • The fiber extract of Sapodilla also helps to protect the mucous membranes present in the colon from cancer-inducing toxins through binding firmly to them.

  • The biggest qualities of Sapodilla are its haemostatic qualities. This fruit is extremely valuable in stopping the loss of blood. It helps in decreasing blood loss in piles, injuries and in many other medical terminologies.

  • The consumption of Sapodilla fruit benefits in reducing the level of infections. It helps in lessening viral diseases in addition to bacterial infections within the body. It also decreases inflammation caused by swelling and helps to ease pain.

  • Chikoo or Sapodilla is an excellent source of minerals such as potassium, copper and iron. In addition to these minerals, Chikoo also consists of foliate and niacin acid. These vitamins and minerals help in making the body powerful and energetic.

  • Sapodilla has high natural latex that is commonly used by dentists to fill up the tooth cavities.

  • Sapodilla also helps in the treatment of cold and cough. Consumption of this fruit helps to remove nose blockage and also in case of persistent coughs.

  • The simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that are the main ingredients of this fruit rejuvenate the body with natural energy.

How to grow and care for Sapodilla Trees

To grow a sapodilla tree, most propagation is done by seed, which will be viable for years although some commercial growers use grafting and other practices. Once germinated, use some patience as it takes five to eight years to grow a sapodilla tree of bearing age.

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The fruit tree is tolerant of most conditions but prefers a sunny, warm, and frost free location in most any type of soil with good drainage.

Additional care for sapodilla trees advises fertilizing the young trees with any organic fertilizer every two or three months with ¼ pound and increasing gradually to 1 pound. After the first year, two or three application a year is plenty.

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Not only are chiku trees tolerant of drought conditions, but they can take soil salinity, need very little pruning and are mostly pest resistant.

As long as the sapodilla tree is protected from frost and patience is in abundance for this slow grower, flavorful fruit shall be the reward from this tolerant specimen.

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Hope you found the article informative. Grow this fantastic plant today and share your thoughts with us.