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Summer Plants for Patio

There’s never a bad time to start dreaming of warmer weather. That’s why we have the basics for planning your comfortable outdoor hangout – regardless of what the thermometer says.

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1. Pentas

Sweet and star-shaped, pentas are the perfect summer flower. They love the heat almost as much as butterflies love them, so they’ll flourish all season long.

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2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers look great in boxes or clay pots, and will make any patio feel alive and summery.

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3. Bamboo

Create a cool, zen-like patio with bamboo. And the best part is you can keep it small, or let it grow if you want more privacy.

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4. Jasmine

Bring a little bit of the tropics to your outdoor space by growing jasmine. The scent alone is enough to transport you to somewhere far, far away.

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5. Gardenias

Grown in large pots on your patio, gardenias are clean, classy, and smell great too.

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6. Lantana

A favorite of butterflies, lantana’s multicolored blossoms will add a gorgeous pop of color to whatever space they’re given.

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Recommended Planters : Colorful Planters :

Add a splash of colors to indoor or table top plants at home and office with these colorful planters.

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Buy ready to use nutrient rich soil:

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In general use a soil-based compost placed over a generous layer of drainage material such as earthenware crocks, pebbles or gravel. Water and feed regularly, especially while plants are bearing flowers and fruit, when a high-potash fertilizer is recommended.

Buy Decorative Pebbles :

Decorate planters or garden landscapes with these decorative pebbles :

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Using pebbles in a garden brings different colours and textures to the garden. Pebbles can also fill up otherwise empty space in the garden, leaving a visual that might be considered more interesting and aesthetic than simple dirt, soil or mulch.

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