Don't know how to select a fresh watermelon in market? Grow easily at home & eat fresh


Since we can’t stealthily peel back the wrapping of a watermelon in the grocery store to sneak a peek at what’s inside, we have to employ different techniques to determine its “freshness.”

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There are so many so called techniques to test the freshness of watermelons, but nothing works 100% sure. We are not used to use these methods also.

One can simply experience difference between reading how to select a fresh watermelon somewhere on a blog and selecting it actually from the market.

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Instead, it takes a few simple steps and your will to have your own watermelons right at your doorsteps, in balcony or on the terrace very easily.

Harvest them fresh and use instantly to enjoy their freshness !

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What it requires is simply a medium sized pot, a little soil to fill the pot, and one time effort to put a very few good variety of seeds.

We can follow instructions about planting and care given here :

It doesn’t take a long to sow the seeds and start getting watermelons ready to eat. Hence it does not require much care to be taken.

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Important :

  • Watermelons don’t sweeten after they are picked, so harvest time is important. They generally ripen over two weeks so keep you eye on them.
  • You can judge a watermelon’s ripeness by its skin color. The rind changes from a bright to a dull green, and the part that touches the soil shifts from greenish white or straw yellow to rich, creamy yellow.

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