Dracaena : Plant of ' first choice ' for indoor gardens

Dracaena family makes up an important group of plants used to decorate, scrub the air and make “green” homes, offices, malls, apartments and the landscape around the world.

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Dracaena is an ‘undemanding’ plant that tolerates low light and low humidity and it will forgive the occasional missed watering. As the plant grows, the lower leaves drop off and the trunk scars over, creating an interesting pattern of markings.

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena marginata commonly called Red-edge Dracaena or Madagascar dragon tree, and can grow to 15 feet in height, supported by a long, slender truck or “cane” and it is also one of the top indoor plants.

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Its foliage is a near vertical to horizontal mass of narrow pointed green leaves with red to purple stripes along the outer edge.

Dracaena Fragrans

The very popular Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’ is more commonly known as the Corn Plant. It does well in low light conditions and its wide leaves are long and arc gracefully from the stalk.

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The ‘Massangeana” variety is the most popular, due to its dramatic yellow variegation running down the center of its leaves.

Dracaena Mahatma

The very beautiful Dracaena Mahatma is one of the air purifying plants and that’s why it is the indoor plant with high demand.

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This Dracaena variety is low maintenance, long durable and easy care ahd hence is favorite for home, office as well as business lobbies.

Dracaena Reflexa (Song of India or Pleomele )

Dracaena reflexa is a popular ornamental plant, both in the home and landscape gardening. It can be enjoyed as a specimen plant, accent, or pruned to create a border.

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Traditional medicine practitioners of Madagascar have long believed Dracaena reflexa to cure malarial symptoms, poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, and to be useful as an antipyretic and hemostatic agent.

Dracaena Colorama

Dracena “Colorama” leaves are long, linear, narrow, attached to the stem without a stalk. The cultivar ‘Colorama’ has green leaves with red-pink stripes on the margins, midrib and either side of the midrib.

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Colorama Dracaena is the classic houseplant for most locations.

Recommended planters for Dracaena plants

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Are the dracanea shade plants or can they be kept in midday sun

Yes Mr. HariKrisna. G. Sir. Place the dracaena plant in a location with bright to moderate, indirect sunlight.

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