Ever wondered why flowers make you happy?

Did you ever experienced stepping out from your house and seeing a bright flowering tree or
plant?? Didn’t it look spectacular, with the morning dew clinging to the leaves and the sunshine
glistening off the dewdrops? Well, you must have felt invigorated and revitalized with positive
In many instances, it has been proven that just the sight of a flower blooming brings a change to
the human psychological demeanor. Classified Botanist and Horticulturist suggest on evidence
that Flowers always makes you happy, they make you feel better.
When you come across a bunch of Lilies, a bloomed cup of yellow Daisy’s you instantly
experience positive emotion, - but did you ever wonder why?
It is said that flowers are an immediate connection to nature, a contradiction to our normal fast-
paced lifestyle. It is a beautiful array which is nature’s answer to chronotherapy or color therapy
and that’s what makes them the sunshine for the soul.
They help stimulate chemicals responsible for happiness; dopamine, serotonin & oxytocin. And
this has been true since ancient times as flowers blooming signifies new lifer. It brings about a
new day; Full of new opportunities, new people, new vibes. It could be anything.
Flowers outside home create an ambiance of welcome and induces happiness. It is proven that
bright colors of flowers have a charm for boosting freshness in the surrounding and enhances
wellbeing significantly. They are a natural condiment to induce the release of the chemicals to
make us happy. Here is now;

Nurserylive-parijat 2

  1. Dopamine: it’s a hormone and a neurotransmitter, a feel-good chemical released when we
    satisfy; it’s released when we fulfill our carvings when we accomplish something, it’s the
    feeling of pleasure and satisfaction as a part of reward system. Flowers generate a feeling
    that something special is happening, be it when you buy flowers or you receive flowers.
    Even when you see an abundance of flowers, it unconsciously registers in your brain that
    there is something special which in turn releases dopamine.
  2. Serotonin: it’s the neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and social behavior,
    appetite, digestion, sleep, etc. Lack of serotonin leads to depression and low mental
    health. It is released when our feelings of social standing and importance are fulfilled;
    when we feel needed and wanted. Flowers have their way of naturally inducing Serotonin
    in our body; it makes us feel important when we receive flowers, it does the same when
    we give or buy flowers as we have someone to give them to. And when we see a flower,
    it reminds us of that special person or family which releases serotonin and helps us deal
    with depression.
  3. Oxytocin: It’s known as the ‘love hormone' as it promotes feelings of love, bonding, and
    well-being. It’s also known as the Warm fuzzy feeling as it isn’t only related to romance
    but social or group solidarity as well. Flowers, in turn, signify the care and nurture
    invested to make it bloom and the sense of fulfillment you get when it blooms. When we
    give flowers it shows the effort and investment we are putting in a relationship. As
    relationships are fragile, be it with the special someone or with friends, even with family,
    in the same way as flowers help us understand that the same care and efforts are needed
    for both of them.