Experts suggest: don’t rake the leaves

In autumn, leaves will fall and will make a colorful bed on the ground. Few people don’t like raking or cleaning the garden floor. No matter how much you want to get rid of raking your garden, but few people will do it in different way. Here are the ways to use leaves from the yard.

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1. Composting

Want a successful garden then use compost. Leaves are great to compost as a carbon rich material. Be sure to add nitrogen materials to the pile like grass clippings or manure (Animal waste). Actually, these multi-colored leaves from the plants are most valuable for the large amounts of fibrous organic matter they supply.

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2. Mulch

Leaves may be available easily and are easy to apply, effective, and cheap! Leaves are successful in maintaining soil moisture and soil temperature, and preventing weeds, soil erosion, and soil compaction. Experts suggests leaf mulch for Trees and shrubs, Flower beds, Vegetable Gardens, Yards.

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3. Save leaves for next season

Collect extra leaves and save them for compost, mulch or the garden. On coming spring you’ll be excited to have leaves to use. Look for well dried leaves so decomposing will not occur. This will reduce your investment in garden care.

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4. Leaf mold

Leaf mold is different thing than regular composting. Leaf mold is used to soil modification, produced when a pile of leaves decompose. It increases the water retention of soil. Still it doesn’t provide much nutrition, so you need to add compost or other organic fertilizers to increase fertility.

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5. Art

Dry leaves vary in color and shape. They can be a part of an artistic activity. Collect leaves to make fall collages, leaf prints, or to decorate your home. Fall leaves make a great table centerpiece. You can use them in biological gifts.

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In general use a soil-based compost placed over a generous layer of drainage material such as earthenware crocks, pebbles or gravel. Water and feed regularly, especially while plants are bearing flowers and fruit, when a high-potash fertilizer is recommended.

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Using pebbles in a garden brings different colours and textures to the garden. Pebbles can also fill up otherwise empty space in the garden, leaving a visual that might be considered more interesting and aesthetic than simple dirt, soil or mulch.