Have you ever heard about these 'plant & forget' bulbs?

Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)

If you’re looking for hardy, no-care, “Plant and Forget” spring flowering bulbs, look no further - load up on Muscari. These bulbs are so winter hardy and easy to grow that no garden should be without them.

Reminiscent of clustered upside-down grapes and extremely fragrant, grape hyacinths (Muscari) have long since been admired.

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The botanical name of Muscari hails from the Greek for musk and is an allusion to the sweet, aromatic scent emitted by the flowers.

These old-time favorites emerge in fall with grass-like foliage and by late winter or early spring, they explode into bloom with clusters of tiny cobalt blue, bell-shaped flowers.

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But who has time to wait? It’s easy to force grape hyacinth into early bloom, growing grape hyacinth indoors throughout winter and adding color and fragrance to your home.

Once grape hyacinth blooms appear, you can prolong their flowering by keeping them located in cooler areas of the home. Likewise, you can plant several pots at various intervals and bring them inside in stages to enjoy longer flowering displays.

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Forcing grape hyacinth and growing grape hyacinth indoors is an easy and fun way to enjoy their beautiful, fragrant, grape-like blooms early in the season.

Whichever variety of grape hyacinth you choose; they will add a gorgeous pop of color to the otherwise as yet drab garden in the early spring. If you allow them to multiply, successive years will bring a carpet of blue and is especially nice when allowed to naturalize under trees and shrubs.

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Grape hyacinths also make lovely cut flowers and are easy bulbs to force indoors for even earlier colorful blooms.

An additional benefit is that all Muscari have a lovely fragrance. The more you plant, the more fragrance you get.

Grape hyacinths can also be grown in water (without soil) by hydroponics method.

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