Herbal Tea Indoor Gardening – for staying healthy and energetic

Indians are famous for Tea and their tea habits- be it the cutting chai from roadside tea stalls to the sophisticated café teas, tea leaves from Assam or Darjeeling to the Gentleman’s brew ‘Earl Grey Tea’, everyone has their own choices. But will everyone agrees that there is nothing like a hot fresh brewed tea after a long day to revive yourself? Potting different kinds of Herbs in your indoor garden is an impressive way to wow your guests.

Here are a few suggestions as to what could be grown in your home kitchen gardens

  1. Mint / Pudin- 

it’s a simple to grow herb with a refreshing aroma to encircle your senses and rejuvenate you instantly. It’s a rapid growth plant and can be potted in your kitchen or window sill. With Ayurvedic property to heal your upset stomach and helps indigestion.

  1. Cymbopogon (Lemon Grass): Lemongrass is a superb antioxidant and improves levels of sugar and cholesterol in your body. It is a hardy plant that needs a well moist fertile soil and regular cutting to grow indoors.

  2. Sage : An antiseptic herb that helps to treat mouth ulcers and sore throat, Sage is a helpful tonic to treat depression and Alzheimer’s. Boiling 3-5 leaves along with tea helps bring out its medicinal properties.

  3. Ginger : Last but not the least, the ginger herb is everyone’s go-to condiment to add to their tea. Just a few crushed pieces of ginger root and your tea emits a heavenly aroma with induced medicinal properties. Ginger is beneficial for combating flu and the common cold as well as nausea and digestion.

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