How to Grow New Leaves on the Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle-leaf Fig plant)

The ficus lyrata, or fiddle leaf fig, enjoys food. Their rapid development and huge leaves necessitate a lot of nutrition. However, how frequently should you fertilize?

The amount of fertilizer you need apply to your fiddle leaf fig plant will vary depending on the season, how quickly you want your plant to grow, and the fertilizer you are using.


1. Fertilizing ficus lyrata Depending on the Season and Location

Due to the abundant light, indoor plants are most active in the spring and summer. The importance of fertilisation is greatest at this period. Without nutrition, your fiddle leaf plant will not be able to develop and thrive.

However, your plant doesn’t have as much new growth over the winter. Because of this, you don’t need to fertilise as frequently during the winter. Where you live will determine the length of the winter and the weather.

2. Ficus lyrata Fertilization for Growth

All fiddle leaf fig plants, whether they are actively growing or not, need nutrients. However, those that are growing rapidly will quickly exhaust the nutrients in their soil. How frequently you fertilize your plant will depend on how quickly you want it to develop.


3. What kind of fertiliser is ideal for Ficus lyrata?

Be very careful not to overfertilize your plant while using a solid fertilizer as this could result in the root system being burned. Watch out for indicators of over- or under-fertilization while applying a slow-release fertilizer on your plant.


You should be cautious when combining fertilizer products because some soils contain fertilizers.

Facts Worth Knowing About Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees
Fiddle-leaf fig trees provide a lot of fascinating information. The fiddle leaf fig tree has gained popularity as a houseplant among plant lovers.


They create stunning centerpieces for any home and are renowned for their lovely, enormous green leaves. The following information about fiddle leaf fig trees may surprise you.

  • They Can Grow Much Larger When Kept Outdoors
  • They Will Sprout From the Trunk if You Cut Them Back
  • They Can Live Up to 50 Years or Longer
  • When Kept Outdoors, They Are Pollinated by Wasps
  • Only Fiddle Leaf Figs Kept Outdoors Will Produce Flowers and Fruit
  • The Leaves Can Grow to Large Sizes
  • They Got Their Name From the Shape of Their Leaves
  • In the Wild They Are Epiphytes
  • They Belong to the Moraceae Family

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