Indian Army holds the Guinness record for planting nearly 5 lakh trees in 24 hours

The Indian Army has scripted a world record by planting 4,47,874 saplings in 24 hours in an area of 200 hectares in the Srigram area of Dhubri district.

About 300 soldiers of the 21 Jat Regiment undertook the plantation drive on 5th June 2009.Planting 4,47,874 is a world record that even surpassed Mexico’s by nearly a one lakh margin.

It was an outcome of nearly nine months of vigorous training, motivating and experimenting.

Indian Army also holds a Limca book record for planting 1 lakh saplings in just 20 minutes.

On June 5th 2015, World Environment Day, more than a lakh saplings were planted around the Almora and Pithoragarh districts of the Kumaon region by the 130 Inf Bn (TA) Eco Kumaon, which is an Ecological battalion dedicated to protect the ecology through afforestation.

The battalion had already planted more than 1.6 crore plants over an area of 15000 Acres of forest land set a new record this World Environment Day.

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