Kailashpati : a sacred, rare, medicinal & eye catching tree. Never miss from your garden portfolio

Kailaspati : A tree with magnificent features

Kailashpati is a sacred tree in India.

The name ‘Kailashpati’ represents the resemblance of inner flower with shivalinga, whereas the name ‘Canonball tree’ represents resemblance of fruit with canon ball.

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Kailashpati tree is planted in gardens because the flowers, arranged on long stalks projecting from the trunk, are large, beautiful, pleasantly aromatic, and unlike any other flower a newcomer to the tropics has ever seen.

Even the fruits are a botanical curiosity because they mimic the shape and size of cannon balls, but, in contrast to the flowers, they release a fetid aroma at maturity when they hit the ground and break open.

It is listed as rare tree and flower in India.

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Flower of Kailashpati has six petals. Reddish inside and yellowish outside. Tremendously aromatic and smell can be felt strongly in near-by area.

Inside structure is horizontal “U” shape. This inner structure is the reason it is offered to Lord Shiva and hence name in Marathi, as some thinks.

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This Brazilian native takes its English name due to characteristic canon-ball like shape of its fruits. Fruits have rusty colored hard shell and are heavy.

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The Cannonball Tree possesses antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and analgesic qualities and hence used for medical purpose.

The scientific community has validated the following medicinal properties of the tree:

  • Indian researchers found antidepressant qualities in the tree’s methanolic extracts.
  • Cannonball tree extracts have antibacterial activity against pathogens such as E. coli, Bacillus and Staphyloccous. Fruit extracts also possess antimicrobial activity.
  • Researchers in Tamil Nadu found that the flower extracts showed potent anthelmintic (antiworm and antiparasite) activities.
  • According to the work conducted by Brazilian researchers, the tree’s leaves act as pain-numbing agent.
  • Some cannonball tree extracts were patented based on their potential to protect skin from UV damage, keep hair and skin healthy, and ward off signs of ageing.