**keep calm & cut aam (mango)**

Best way to eat a mango

Trick to cut a mango…

Here’s the best way to slice a mango for fruit salads, salsas, or eating straight from the skin.



Wow, useful technique to cut mango.

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Thanx! Then keep calm & eat aam :stuck_out_tongue:

cool way… will try in coming mango season

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Yes, it is very simple trick

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Sure Man… Y not :+1:

Implement it… Rock it :sunglasses:

great idea , i will sure try it .

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aam toh ab har season mein milta hai…

New Maza Rs 25 only:joy:

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Hahaahahahaaaa… :stuck_out_tongue:

yyeahhh…:yum: :clap: :clap: :clap: