Kids gardening, Let your child learn miracles

** Kids gardening, Let your child learn miracles**

This simple task is as important as it helps your child to become more responsible in taking care of the things that Mother Nature has provided.

Learning from Kids Garden:

  • build an understanding of and respect for nature and our environment
  • motivate kids to eat and love fruits and vegetables
  • provide opportunities for hands-on learning, inquiry, observation and experimentation
  • promote physical activity and quality outdoor experiences
  • teach kids to nurture and care for other living things while developing patience
  • share the science related to plants & livign beings with kids

Involve the children in every step along the way.

1. Let the garden be based on the kids ideas

Kids can have a wild imagination and the things they may want on the garden can be the opposite of what you expected to have. However, if you want them to take part and enjoy, allow them some freedom in deciding what to plant or construct and also let them take charge of the maintenance.

Your main duty here will be to help out with some of the activities as well as giving guidance on how some of the stuff is done.

2. Ensure the garden is perfect for the location as well as regional conditions

This is one of the tips on gardening with kids which can help to educate them further. By involving your child in the analysis process of the location chosen, you will be enabling them to understand the importance of environmental factors such as light, soil and drainage to the garden.

3. Pay more attention to the functional garden design rather than the outlook

The design should be determined by what the child wants to learn from the garden. Features should be based upon the practical functions and not aesthetics. The garden is the kid’s space and therefore you can expect it to be nothing less than beautiful because it will be loved and well cared for.

4. Allow the kid to get dirty

By putting restrictions to the amount of dirt to get on, you will be killing all the fun and limiting learning as well. There is nothing to worry about as they can get cleaned once the job is done.

5. Allow them to play and watch the bugs and other crawling creatures

The fact that you find these creatures irritating do not mean the kid does too. They are an important part of the eco system and the kids can learn that. So do not stop them if they want to have a closer look because they still find the creatures amazing.

6. Do not use chemicals

This is one of the tips on gardening with kids which should not be ignored. Accidents can happen at any time. Assess the soils for signs of contamination before you bring your kids out.

7. Grow some of the eatable products

If your kid detests fresh vegetables and fruits, you can help them grow some in the garden and cook it for them once it is ready for harvest. They will be curious to taste something which they have grown and cared for themselves. This is also a good method if you want to introduce something new into your child’s plate.

8. Gardening lessons should begin indoors

Ask your kids some questions to get them prepared for the practical part of gardening. Help them keep a journal where they record the growth progress of what they plant.

9. Make it fun

Ensure that there is enough equipment for everyone. This ensures that all kids get involved in the process without feeling left out. If possible work in groups of 3 to 4 kids.

10. Ensure the child gets the best experience from gardening

Most of the children never gets an opportunity to interact freely with their natural environment, but still the interaction plays a huge part in their development. By gardening, you will be reinforcing good sense to children and hence they grow up to appreciate the environment at large.

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Creative mind of children is an amazing thing…

Let them do what they want…they will certainly surprise you!

Children from current generation are getting more glued to TV, video games. Outdoor sports and gardening can bring their childhood back. Thanks nurserylive for sharing this.please put up a gardening kit for kids

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