Lazy gardener ...! Want an effortless indoor garden ? Here are the best plants

Many a times, we want a garden at our home, on terrace, in balcony or a small space available nearby. Also we don’t want much headache behind its maintainance.

So here are the perfect plants those are required almost zero to very low maintainance.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The Peace Lily does all that simply by being there in your home. This plant has glossy, pointed and oval leaves that emerge from the soil.

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Jade Plant, Elephant Bush

The plant is a succulent with fleshy, glossy leaves that grows as a small bush. The home interior is an excellent place to grow elephant bush houseplants.

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Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise (Stelitzia reginae), also known as crane flowers, is one of the most beautiful of all exotic flowers. This native of South Africa derives its name from the unusual flowers, which resemble brightly colored birds in flight.

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Kaner (Nerium oleander)

Nerium indicum is commonly known as Indian oleander or kaner. Flowers are hermaphrodite, white, pink or red in colour, sweet smelled and 4-5 cm in diameter.

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These easy to grow, long blooming plants are both heat and drought tolerant. Trailing forms of Verbena are excellent for growing in containers and hanging baskets.

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Umbrella tree (Schefflera)

Schefflera is a large evergreen shrub with glossy dark-green leaves. Schefflera is a good candidate for indoor container growing.

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Spider Lilly (Hymenocallis Caribaea)

It is commonly cultivated for its sweet smelling flowers which have medicinal uses.

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Song of India (Pleomele)

Commonly known as Pleomele or Song of India, this is one of the more decorative types of Dracaena that is grown indoors.

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants are extremely easy to take care of and require very little maintenance, making them a perfect gift for a grandmother on Mother s Day, or a grandfather on Father s Day.

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Recommended Pots - 8.1 - 11 inch Planters

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You can also root prune them each year to maintain a convenient size. Alternatively, for mature plants, remove just the top layer of soil in the pot and replace this with fresh compost each spring.

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In general use a soil-based compost placed over a generous layer of drainage material such as earthenware crocks, pebbles or gravel. Water and feed regularly, especially while plants are bearing flowers and fruit, when a high-potash fertilizer is recommended.

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Very easy method to grow all and lovely flower plants

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