Limited ground space? try these 8 rooftop garden ideas

8 rooftop garden design ideas

1 Make an Entertaining zone

Transform a courtyard into an outdoor entertaining zone by using a patterned outdoor rug to ground your dining setting.

2 Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Try including oregano, kaffir lime, kale, thyme, parsley, sage, English spinach.

3 Try growing succulents

Succulents are ideal froma maintenance point of view, edible plants and vegetables will give a back-to-nature feel and flowering plants will add colour.

4 Use mirrors

This antique mirror, from Elements i Love, brightens up a corner and reflects the vivid greenery. Well-placed mirrors will increase the ‘size’ of the space and the sense of greenery.

5 Add colour

Add colour with edible foilage like red mustard plant and purple lettuce

6 Creative storage

A wooden wheelbarrow is used to store pot plants and adds a rustic touch to the urban landscape. Remember that all tables, chairs, pots and wheelbarrows will need to withstand the elements!

7 Embrace variety

This rooftop terrace is home to a variety of plants. Potted succulents, perennials and ornamentals provide colour and texture. It’s important to treat this space as you would an indoor area. Choose a colour scheme and apply it to plants, accessories and any other decorative elements.

8 Work in progress

Enjoy watching plants grow and change colour on the rooftop garden, here the tomato vines are waiting to be picked when ripe.

If there is will…there is way !