Miracle Tree & Plants & their astrological benefits

These TREES AND PLANTS are very auspicious and people worship them to get beneficial effects in many religious and astrological methods.

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Banana Tree

Banana Tree is a very pious tree and symbolizes Lord Vishnu. People worship the tree on Thursdays to get the benefits of Jupiter. Roots of Banana Tree are tied with yellow thread are worn.

  • Banana as a fruit is offered to Lord Vishnu and Laksmi for good Married Life and good Financial Condition and happiness of a family.

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  • Leaves of the Banana tree are used in many auspicious and used religiously in many Hindu festivals.

  • It is astrologically believed that if a person has Manglik dosh, marrying a Banana Tree removes the dosh and a person can marry a non-Manglik person.

Mango Tree

  • Mango Tree is a very sacred Tree and its fruit and leaves are used for many religious purposes like Yagya (Yagya is an important ceremony to calm down the negative effects planets and obtain their beneficial results).

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  • According to Vasthu Sastra, mango leaves are helpful in removing Evil’s Eye and brings harmony in one’s house.
    Take 11 mango leaves, string together and hang over entrance of your house.

  • According to Feng shui, Planting a Mango tree in your house or property, helps in inviting the God of Wisdom, Peace and Luck.

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil)

  • In Hindu mythology, Tulsi is worshipped as Goddess, also considered as a wife of Lord Vishnu (called as Vishnupriya, the beloved of Vishnu).

  • Tulsi Plant or Holy Basil is a very sacred plant, in other words, its also called Miracle or Queen of Herbs. It has been significant to mankind in many religious and medicinal ways.

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  • Tulsi Plant is also helpful as being spiritual purity, as it attracts the God’s energy (satvik) and purifies the mind and soul.

  • According to Ayurvedic studies, taking Tulsi leaves gives relief in stress and cold. It also sharpens the memory and enhances the concentration power of the person.

Money Plant

  • Money Plant is beautiful green leafy indoor plant, many people call it as “A Plant to become Rich”, as its leaves stay greener more than other plant’s leaves And as the plant has different shapes of leaves, it denotes differently in many terms.

  • According to Vasthu Sastra, if one plants a Money Plant in the house brings Luck and Riches in one’s life as its round and flat shaped leaves resemble a coin.

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  • Money Plant is also believed to bring long-lasting friendship, due to its heart shaped leaves.

  • According to a myth, its said that one should not cut off his or her planted Money Plant to anyone as its believed that one is giving his or her wealth to another person.

Peepal Tree

  • Worshipping the tree helps in controlling the thoughts, removes hurdles in marriage and good for children and fertility and prosperous for family growth.

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  • It also helps in removing obstacles in Financial growth and brings multiple sources of income to the worshipper.

  • In Astrology, the Peepal tree is related to the planet Jupiter. If a person has a auspicious Jupiter, worshipping Peepal tree, makes Jupiter into very graceful and rewarding one and if a person has an inauspicious Jupiter, worshipping Peepal tree turnsit into a stronger one. And Also, wood of Peepal tree is used for havana ceremony to calm down the effects of malefic Jupiter.

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