Online course: Plant-Based Home Styling and Decoration

No prior experience is necessary for this course. All you need to get started is a place to decorate and the motivation to do it. In terms of materials, you need plants and some basic gardening stuff.

5 Creative Plant Decorations For Your Home


Stand-alone plants are considered “statement plants” for the purposes of this article since they prominently display the surroundings in which they are situated.

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These plants are large enough to be a statement on the floor or a table. These plant categories include cactus, succulents, and some tropical plant varieties.

2. Using collections to decorate plants

A collection of plants is a group of plants put together either for aesthetic purposes or just because they are similar. The ideal instance of plant decorating is collections of plants and other auxiliary decor items.

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Low-maintenance plants like cacti and succulents might be chosen, even though we have numerous plants to take care of in this situation.

3. Using wall hangers to decorate with plants

Wall hangers can be a highly fascinating way to decorate with plants! However, if we’re only interested in a wall hanging, nurserylive plant hangers are lovely, simple, and affordable choices!

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4. Using kokedama to decorate plants

Kokedama is the Japanese word for “moss ball.” Kokedama are incredible works of living art in my opinion. Even though Kokedama assembly requires a detailed process, caring for and keeping one is quite simple.

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Simply immerse your moss ball in a pail of water as frequently as the type of plant you put in it requires. In my instance, I immerse my Kokedama once a week for an hour.

Kokedama can be hung or exhibited on a table. The ceiling is covered with several Kokedama.
For practical reasons, I prefer to put it on a counter in my case so that I don’t have to remove it from the ceiling every time I need to water it.

You may even use a Glass Cloche to surround the plant you use to build your Kokedama, treating it almost like a Closed Terrarium. The visual impact is very stunning!

If you enjoy making Kokedama but lack the motivation, you can purchase previously assembled Kokedama from nurserylive!

5. Put vine/climber plants on your window sills.

If you place climbing houseplants in the corners of your window sills, the vines will climb up the frame to maximize the amount of light they receive.

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