Papaya, easy fruit to grow in container, keeps your skin, vision, hair healthy

Top 10 benefits of Papaya for Skin :

Papaya contains many healthy components that are good for skin and makes your skin glowing and healthy. It is an inexpensive fruit that is available to common man and is useful in many ways.

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Papaya not only cleanses your skin but also make your skin glow. It contains rejuvenating enzymes that exfoliate your skin to provide you a glowing complexion.

It’s loaded with papain and vitamin A. The enzyme papain breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells. The vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant.

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Its best attribute is that it contains low sodium quantity. As the salt content is less, the water retention is also small. This leads to an overall hydrated skin.

Papaya benefits for skin:

1. It is a best source of Papain and Vitamin A, which helps in breaking inactive proteins and also aids in the removal of dead skin cells.

2. Papaya helps in preventing premature aging and has anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Low sodium quality of papaya helps in retaining water and always keeps your skin hydrated.

4. Since, green papaya is a rich source of papain; you can use papaya for skin whitening.

5. Mashed papaya can also be used to treat cracked and painful heels.

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6. The skin becomes soft, supple by applying directly or by eating it.

7. Raw papaya is the best treatment for ringworms. You can reduce the inflammation by rubbing the raw papaya slices on the ringworm patches.

8. It acts as skin exfoliator, that cleans the skin and makes it healthy.

9. It helps you reducing pimples and blemishes, with the application of finely ground raw papaya paste. After leaving it on for 25 minutes acne disappears from the face.

10. It helps your skin discolouration, with the application of papaya on a regular basis.

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Note : Papaya is an acidic fruit, so don’t let the papaya sit on your face for more time, as it can cause dryness and might irritate your skin.

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