Salute to Padma Shri Oraon the waterman from Jharkhand

Remembering Padma Shri Oraon, Jharkhand’s waterman, for his contribution for the state

Oraon, 83, has been waging a war against drought since the day he dropped out of school as a Class IV student.

Back then, the land was facing a period of great scarcity – while many died of hunger, others migrated elsewhere in a quest for survival. This disturbed the boy immensely, making him dedicate his life to the conservation of water and forests.

Oraon, a class four drop-out, has virtually been a living legend as he is credited with transforming nearly half-a-dozen villages around his own village, Bero, in Ranchi into vibrant vegetable producing hub from what used to be patches of barren land.

He got several check dams constructed, starting with failed attempts of his own in the early 1960s. Thereafter, he got ponds dug up in six villages around Bero.

“When I began, it was barren land and barely produced two crops. Today, they grow at least three crops. I want the government to see to it that the farmers have enough irrigation facilities,” he said.

Due to his hard work, Bedo’s water level increased magically. The waste lands turned cultivable, and there was sufficient water to grow more than one crop a year. Barely 20% of Jharkhand’s fields grow rabi crops.

Today, Bedo has become the agricultural hub of Jharkhand. The block supplies nearly 20,000 metric tonnes of vegetables to various districts in Jharkhand, besides neighbouring states like Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal.


very inspiring person… we all should take wow to plant more trees to save earth

Heartiest Congratulations ! Such persons add glory to awards!

Very Impressive
still the great peoples are alive

Thanks Oraon, for such a precious gift :slight_smile: