This monsoon INVITE NEW GREEN FRIENDS at home

As the first few raindrops kiss the earth and a heavenly smell of wet soil engulfs the surroundings, one realizes that monsoon has arrived.

People associate monsoon with many things, from hot bhuttas and pakodas.But what it increasingly needs to be associated with is tree plantation.

Monsoon is believed to be the best time for planting trees and those working in the field strongly suggest that interested people should do it immediately after the first few showers.

The time between June-end and August is supposed to be the most appropriate as by then, the earth, which is dry and parched due to the scorching summers is able to absorb moisture and becomes more conducive for planting.

Then again, if planted between this period, the issue of water supply to these newly planted saplings or seeds is solved to a great extent because of the continuous rainfall in the monsoons.

“Planting new trees at this time makes sense. The biggest issue of maintaining the plants is taken care of because of the rains and by the time the summer heat is on, these plants are settled in their places and their root system also becomes regular,” .Also want to add that though summer sees the maximum growth of a plant of water is provided regularly, the chances of survival of the newly planted saplings in much more if planted in the months of monsoon.

“After the first few rains the heat inside the earth is released and the conditions become suitable for planting trees. But people must make sure that they plant saplings only after three or four rainfalls,”

organizations have also appealed to people to contribute in their own capacity to tree plantation when the time for it is so apt.plantation in May would help kill harmful bacteria in the soil, it is never too late to start planting.

“People should plant trees keeping in mind factors like soil, sunlight and water availability at the place where they intend to plant the sapling. Then again, it is advised that fruit trees should be planted in the back of the house, flowering trees in the side and ornamental trees in the front. Also the presence of electric poles should be taken into consideration while deciding on the type of the tree,”

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