Top 6 garden ideas that turn your home into a peaceful refuge

Top 6 garden ideas that turn your home into a peaceful refuge

Did you know, with a little space around, you can prepare a beautiful space to play, relax, and entertain with garden plans and design ideas. The right plants and accessories can set the tone for your ideal outdoor atmosphere — an invigorating escape or a relaxing retreat.

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Designing your garden should be a fun and rewarding experience.

All you have to know is the size of your space, how much sun and moisture your landscape gets, and a few other simple garden conditions that might affect your yard, such as concerns about deer. .

However, first of all, you should have several DIY garden ideas to refer to. Check these ideas out to make your garden more organized, beautiful and colorful!

1. Find your own garden layout.

If you are considering DIY in the garden then there are things to consider. First, the condition of the yard and what you want to accomplish is what you need to look at first. You also have to understand your skill level and figure out if you have the skills and finances to accomplish what you want to do according to your own style.

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2. What to Plant? Think a convenient plan of plant positions.

Just planting anything anywhere is not a good recipe for success. You can be creative and you can also be into a lot of different things for your garden but we strongly suggest you have a plan. It is a good idea if you think out whether you want a flower or vegetable garden as well as just plants.

If you want a variety make sure you know how big each plot should be and how much room you need to plant and harvest as well as move around seedlings, plugs and things of that nature.

3. For gift plants, colorful (or conversion of even waste) cans are the best option.

You can give a personal gift and recycle your empty cans at the same time! Save the planet and save some money as well.

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First you must place drainage holes in the bottom of each can, three should suffice. Then place a plastic pot inside the tin can. This is to keep contaminants from the metal away from the herbs.

Then simply fill half way with the potting soil. Place the herb inside and add more potting soil. If you choose to give a non-edible plant then you may plant it directly into the tin can.

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4. Personalize with Unusual Labels

To really make your plants special, decorate the pot with the name of the plant and even your favorite gardening tool. Paint the label with acrylic or craft paint in bright colors! Maybe add some hearts or decorative dots, whatever you like.

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5. Create Pretty Borders or Paths
Why not recycle your old bits of concrete and make a raised flower bed. You can stack the pieces in whatever shape you like and plant inside the shape. Make sure you stack them a bit inward so that you have a stable wall and it won’t cave in on your plants.

Conversely you can use those slabs to create a tasteful and rustic walkway or path. The uneven shapes are so natural and look great in a garden.

6. Set a Place to Sit
There is nothing like a nice BBQ area that is not too fancy. Two rustic chairs with some circular paving would be sweet. Place a matching circular fire pot with a brassier is something simple and special.

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If you want a low profile bench, then place a space saving bench that is embedded in the concrete border of your garden with raised planters at the ends. You can do this with salvaged cuts of wood and wood that has imperfections that would not be used for anything else. Or you can even set a swing in the garden; it’s both romantic and a great to have fun for the kids.

The design for the sitting place totally depends on how you would like it to be.

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