Top tips to follow during your home-stay

As the threat of Covid-19 is escalating at an alarming degree, the majority of us would be affected either directly or indirectly. With the lockdown either in place or going to be, most of us are stuck inside our homes for an indefinite amount of time. so that we do not grow absurd or become discouraged, here are a few tips to cope with the feeling of loneliness.

  1. Family time : With the availability of video conference apps like WhatsApp & zoom. We can easily connect to our family/relatives & friends. SO designate a particular hour and have a chat for an hour with your loved ones over tea or coffee, why, even a cocktail will do the trick
  2. Grow a plant: Sometimes taking care of a living being gives you a sense of responsibility. An indoor plant is a hassle-free option. Grow a small garden at your home in a corner and make it greener to release those get happy chemicals.
  3. Save resources: Make sure that you save water and use it wisely and sparingly. The same applies to Food and electricity. You never know when problems may occur and it is always wise to the need to self-ration may arise.
  4. Start a healthy lifestyle: This is your chance to start on a healthy routine. Do a ten-minute workout, learn to cook that healthy recipe that you always wanted to make but never got the time. There are many ways to start being healthy. You have the time, why not take the initiative.
  5. Keep calm: This could be a tiring confusing time for you with chances of being you get sick of your four walls. It’s okay! Go to the window and breathe. Take a walk on your terrace. Listen to a few songs. As long as it helps you can do whatever you wish to.

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