Types of garden plants: part 1

People might have confused what are the plant types. Our Earth has many geographical conditions and other environmental factors, those affect the plant type.


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The plants have different types based on the different parameters like life cycle or lifespan, physical size, where they grow, seed or root type, food habit, and support.

The life cycle and lifespan:

The plant starts a life as a seed, which germinates and grows into a plant. The mature plant produces flowers, which then fertilized and produce seeds in a fruit or seed pod. The plant eventually dies and completes its life cycle.


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The lifespan is defined as the time taken by a plant to complete its life cycle that is germination to the death. As humans and other animals have their lifespan, plants also show some specific characters.

Plant types based on the life cycle or lifespan:

In the past, people have classified the life spans of plants into three categories: annuals, biennials, and perennials. There is a term called ephemerals which belongs to the perennials and the plant dies in less than a year except for the roots.

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Plant types based on the physical size:

All plants are not of the same size. Some are tiny while some are very big. Generally, plants are divided as a herb, a shrub, and a tree. These types differ in the height and appearance of a plant.

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Plant types based on the support:

Some plants need support to grow. They are specifically called as Climbers (climb along with some support) and Creepers (creep on grounds).

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Plant types based on where they grow:

The plants can also be differentiated based on places where they live or grow. Mesophytes (normal land), Hydrophytes (water), Xerophytes (desert), and Epiphytes (on other plants) etc.

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Plant types based on the seed or root type:

There are mainly two types of seeds, Monocotyledons (single entire seed) and Dicotyledons (Single seed can be broken into two equal halves). Monocots have an adventitious root system and dicots have tap root system.

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Plant types based on the food habit:

We eat plants and plants prepare their own food but few members are following the different mode of food making. These types are Autotrophs (create their own food), Carnivores (produce own food, but also eat small animals), Parasites (depend on other plants for survival).

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