Want Basil in your home made dishes ? Grow it indoors and harvest it fresh

Grow Basil Indoors

Ocimum basilicum, commonly called basil, grows as an annual herb that is used in cuisines all around the world.

Originally from India, basil is used to flavour sauces, oils and tomato dishes.

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Basil is one of the easier herbs to grow indoors, providing you can give it enough light. As with many other herbs, basil is a true sun-lover—give it four hours of light a day, and it will thrive.

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Alternatively, basil does exceptionally well under lights also, and with a regular compact fluorescent bulb, you can grow enough basil to keep your kitchen stocked all year round.

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Grow basil plant indoors keeping these things in mind :

  • Set the basil plant in a sunny south window so the plant is exposed to as much natural sunlight as possible. The plant benefits from the natural light.

  • Pinch back the basil plant every few days to encourage new growth. Pinch the ends of single stems to promote branching and for bushier growth. Freeze the leaves in ice cubes or dry the leaves for container storage.

  • Set the plant on a tray full of pebbles, and add water to the tray. This creates a level of humidity around the basil plant. You can also mist the plant daily to increase the moisture in the air.

  • Check for mites or other tiny insects while the basil is growing indoors. Hold the plant slightly upside down under lukewarm water to rinse off the pests. The use of insecticides could contaminate the leaves.

  • Buy a new basil plant or sow basil seeds when your current basil plant begins to flower. You can replace the old plant with a new one and continue to enjoy the fresh basil taste and aroma without any delays.

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Harvesting tip:

  • Harvesting basil leaves first thing in the morning will capture their best flavour. The best leaves are from young stems that have yet to flower.

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