Want to see flowers during the entire year ? grow attractive vincas

Vinca is a prolific heat and drought tolerant annual, perfect for hot, dry areas. It’s easy to grow, and requires little or no attention. Vinca flowers during the entire summer.

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Vinca flowers come in a wide variety of colors such as red, dark red, white, pink, light pink, and purple. Check out these amazing varieties as follows -

1.Vinca (Bright eyes)

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These plants are grown for its attractive glossy, green foliage, as well as its beautiful white flowers.

2.Vinca (Red)

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Such a trouble-free delight in the garden, this hale-and-hearty Vinca begins blooming extra-early with big flowers of intense true red. The blooms continue in full force for months, despite extreme heat, poor soil, and just about any other obstacle.

3…Vinca (Pink)

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This annual variety possesses excellent heat and drought tolerance, blooming continuously through the intense heat of mid-summer.

4.Vinca (White)

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Vinca white is commonly used for borders, edging, and ground cover or bedding plants. Plants grow 1-2 feet tall.

How to grow vinca from seeds :

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  • Fill a 2-inch-deep nursery flat with fresh, sterile seedling compost. Leave a 1/4-inch gap between the compost and the top of the flat. Firm the compost with the palm of your hand to create a smooth, even surface.
  • Lay out the vinca seeds across the surface of the compost. Space the seeds 2 inches apart. Press them halfway into the compost. Cover the seeds with a 1/4-inch-thick layer of compost.
  • Cover the nursery flat with a black plastic trash bag to create the dark, warm conditions vinca seeds require to germinate. Remove the trash bag during germination only to water the seeds. Replace the bag immediately after watering.
  • Watch for germination one to two weeks after sowing the vinca seeds. Decrease watering and remove the black bag after the seeds germinate. Allow the compost to dry out in the top 1/2 inch before adding more water.
  • Remove the weakest, least vigorous vinca seedlings from the flat. Transplant the remaining seedlings into individual 2-inch starter pots filled with potting soil once they develop three or four sets of healthy, mature leaves.
  • Move the vinca seedlings to a warm, bright location where they will receive six hours of bright, diffuse sunlight each day and temperatures above 65 F. Transplant them into the garden once outdoor temperatures reliably top 65 F during the day. Space the plants two feet apart.

Caring vinca :

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It’s easy to grow, and requires little or no attention. A grower once reported that he has grown Vinca in the same location for 30 years. It successfully reseeded itself each year, with no effort on his part.

  • Vinca or Periwinkle will grow in range of light conditions, from full sun to shade.
  • They will do well in average soils.
  • They are both heat and drought tolerant.
  • Space Vinca plants 12-15 inches apart. Water well, when planting.
  • Once plants are established, water only during extended droughts.
  • Add any organic fertilizer fertilizer once or twice a season.
  • Mulch around plants in dry areas to help retain soil moisture.

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