Why should I grow 2 or more avocado plants together?

Avocado Pollination

Generally, your avocado tree is more likely to produce a viable crop if you have a second avocado tree. The other tree should be the type to complement your existing tree.

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Before deciding if you need a second avocado tree to have fruit, you must understand the unique flowering characteristics of this plant.

Why Avocado flower does not pollinate itself ?

  • The flowers of avocado trees are perfect, because they have both male and female parts, but both of these parts are not accessible at all times for pollination.
  • The flowers open only for two days.
  • On the first day, the female part opens for two to four hours and during this time, it can receive pollen.
  • On the second day, the male parts of the flower open for a short time to release pollen.
  • Since both parts are not open at the same time, it is very difficult for an avocado flower to pollinate itself.

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The flowers are divided into two types, A and B. The type of flowers on a tree is determined by the variety of avocado you are growing.

  • A type flowers open their female parts during the morning of the first day and their male parts on the second day’s afternoon.

  • Type B flowers wait until the afternoon of the first day to open the female parts and open their male parts the following morning.

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Pollination occurs when the pollen released from one set of flowers is received by the flowers from another tree with their female parts open and ready to receive the pollen.

In most instances, bees carry the pollen from a type A tree to a type B tree.

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